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  • What is Nanotechnology?

    • An emerging, multidisciplinary field for designing, fabricating and applying nanometre-scale materials, structures and devices.

    • Nanoscale: for example, a single human hair is about 100,000 nanometres in diameter.

    • One of the dominant technologies of the 21st century.

    • Technology relying on novel phenomena arising in nanometre-sized clusters of atoms -  nanostructures - often termed 'functional nanostructures'. Harnessing such structures is expected to lay the foundation for new products and processes that will significantly improve our standard of living.


  • What is CAN?

    • The Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology: Canada's first centre for nanotechnology research, formed in September 1997 under the name The Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology (ECAN) as a result of a generous donation from Energenius Inc., a Canadian company dedicated to advancing nanotechnology research. As CAN's founding member and supporter of the Energenius Chair in Advanced Nanotechnology held by Professor Harry Ruda, Energenius entered into a strong partnership with CAN in promoting the commercialization and spin-off of nanotechnology advances to CAN and to the global market.
      Strong industrial support, a team of world-leading research scientists and state-of-the-art tools place CAN at the forefront for developing the key enabling technologies, nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications, in which nanotechnology will make its first major impact - information technologies, advanced manufacturing and advanced materials and processes.


  • What is CAN's mission?

    • To provide visionary leadership in creating a solid, dynamic, multidisciplinary research and development infrastructure for Canada.

    • To establish critical mass of principal investigators and facilities to enable us to perform internationally competitive research.

    • To promote economic development in Ontario and in Canada, and to contribute to the training of highly-qualified personnel for careers in nanotechnology.

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