Ukrainian Literature, A Journal of Translations


Ukrainian Literature

A Journal of Translations

Ukrainian Literature is a journal of translations. It publishes English translations of the finest works of Ukrainian literature. The first three issues of the journal were published by the Shevchenko Scientific Society, 63 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY 10003, USA. (tel.) 212-254-5130; (fax) 212-254-5239.

In September 2013 the journal lost its funding from the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Volume four is planned without financial sponsorship. We seek continuing sponsors for future issues.

Please see the Call for translations for submission information.


ISSN 1552-5880 (online edition)

ISSN 1552-5872 (print edition)


Ukrainian Literature invites translators to submit their works for consideration in the journal. Please view the call for submissions for more information.


Submissions, inquiries, and all other correspondence regarding Ukrainian Literature should be sent by email to the editor, Maxim Tarnawsky,


Volume 1. 2004


Volume 2. 2007


Volume 3. 2011


Volume 4. 2014


Volume 5. 2018


Ukrainian Literature appears on the internet in cooperation with our partner sites: the Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature and Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto.

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