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Ukrainian Literature: A Journal of Translations is looking for translations of Ukrainian literary works into English.


Ukrainian Literature has successfully met the challenge of producing Volume 4 without financial support.

After three successful volumes published with the financial support of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the US (NTSh), Ukrainian Literature lost its financial sponsor. NTSh had provided funds for payment of modest honoraria to translators, authors, and the manuscript editor but that support was withdrawn in 2013. I am very grateful to the Shevchenko Society for their support in the past, which allowed the journal to establish itself as a leading source for translations of Ukrainian literature into English.

With the challenge of producing an unfunded volume behind us, we now intend to find alternative sponsors for subsequent issues of the journal. The costs are not very large, and I am confident that a new sponsor or sponsors will be found, allowing the journal to return to its previous practice of paying honoraria and publishing in both electronic and print versions.

With this hope for the future, the journal is once again looking for submissions. We welcome submissions of original English translations of any works of Ukrainian literature. We only accept translations of works of belletristic literature. The original work must have already been published. The original work must be in Ukrainian. We particularly welcome translations of recent works of prose by living writers in Ukraine. Ukrainian Literature has given many readers access to excellent translations of a diverse range of Ukrainian literary works. If you enjoy translating literary works and have the skills to do so effectively, help bring the works of Ukrainian writers to a wider audience. Please submit your translations for consideration in the journal.

To submit a translation, ask questions about the journal, or to discuss possible works for translation, please contact me at the e-mail below. Translators who are researching existing translations may find it useful to search the bibliography, Ukrainian Literature in English, available here: http://sites.utoronto.ca/elul/English/ULE/


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Thank you,
Maxim Tarnawsky, editor

September 24, 2014