About Us

The Graduate Association for Students in Physiology is an elected group of graduate students from the Department of Physiology. Our responsibility is primarily to enhance the experience of students in the physiology graduate program, and to encourage interactions between graduate students and with faculty members, whether it is through social events or academic activities like the annual Frontiers in Physiology Research Symposium. If you have any questions or comments, email us at gasp.physiology@utoronto.ca or use our contact form under Contact .
To learn more about what we do, read our GASP constitution (will open pdf).

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Melanie Markovic

Sammy Cai

Frances Wong

Co-Vice President
Scott Frendo-Cumbo

Co-Vice President
Vivian Szeto


Social Coordinator
Kenny Chan
Social Coordinator
Scott Frendo-Cumbo
Sports Coordinator
Frances Wong
Academic Coordinator
Sammy Cai

Outreach Coordinator
Ashkan Salehi

Off-Campus Representative

Science Rendezvous Representative
Farwah Iqbal

GSU Representative
Susmita Sarkar

CUPE Representative
Shahin Khodaei

Lina Tran

Click here for detailed descriptions of the members' responsibilities (link will open pdf).