Mike Garroni
Lab Research Project Manager

I obtained a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree from the Unversity of Toronto, in Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology specialist Program and graduated with High Distinction . I was a Dean's List Scholar during my time at U of T. Following this I studied sex determination and dosage compensation in the nematode C.elegans in the lab of Dr. Marc Perry. I defended my Masters of Science thesis in the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. The title of my thesis is Identification of Cis-acting Elements and Trans-acting Factors Responsible for her-1 Regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans.  ( find it here)

In the Boulianne lab, I am interested in how a few seemingly simple cells in an embryo can develop into such an awesomely complex structure such as a brain. Wow! So, in Gabrielle's lab I have studied the role of the E3 ubiquitin ligase Neuralized in the development of the nervous system.
In my spare time I enjoy riding my Ducati motorcycle, playing bass guitar, and adventure travel.

email:  michael.garroni@sickkids.ca