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The Hart House Underwater Club was founded at the University of Toronto in 1962 and keeps its members busy with a summer dive schedule, various trips and a variety of activities! We offer NAUI Scuba Diver courses each fall and spring term, and other courses throughout the year. Click here for more info on our dive training.

Housed under the auspices of Hart House, club affairs are organized by a panel of executives elected each year by all interested HHUC members. Every year, HHUC offers SCUBA courses from the introductory levels upward taught by certified instructors, at affordable prices. For certified divers of all levels of experience, there are numerous club dives scheduled throughout the summer season. As well, there are a number of special events the club organizes for its members as well as outside events at which the club is well represented: To find out more of these events, check out our Facebook page or join our listserv for instant e-mail notifications. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us!

Benefits of membership

All Hart House members and University of Toronto students who are certified divers should seriously consider joining HHUC. The annual HHUC membership fee is the same or less than other local dive clubs, and HHUC gives back a lot in terms of access to equipment and discounts on diving. For an active diver, HHUC membership can easily pay for itself, even if Senior Membership fees are considered.

High-quality, High value training

We offer introductory and advanced diver courses which meet or exceed the quality educational standards of NAUI. Classroom and pool sessions are effective and fun, and our open open-water training sessions are good diving experiences (we don't believe "any water will do"). The emphasis is on diver safety and enjoyment.

We support a team of professionally qualified NAUI instructors (many of whom are faculty, staff and alumni of University of Toronto). Our instructors are also club members and volunteers, who teach for love of the sport, rather than for financial gain, and because we believe in keeping sport of diving safe for all participants.

Opportunities for personal growth

We support ongoing education for our members tangibly. We arrange training opportunities to match needs and interests of the membership, and offer course subsidies for active club volunteers. We support club members to become diving leaders, whether this is to become an instructor, or just to expand one's diving skills and experiences.

High-quality, High-value diving opportunities

We make the best of Ontario boat diving accessible to all members by fixing the per day cost of club-sanctioned boat dives. We're choosy about destinations and boats aren't overcrowded. The resulting fees are often far below the walk-on price for the exact same dives.

We customize the dive schedule to fit the interests and skill levels of club members.

When we run dives we ensure they are well-organized, divers are well prepared and that safety procedures are in place.

Toby open water 2003 class

Tobermory open water weekend, 2003.

Access to equipment and pool resources

With the generous support of Hart House, the club maintains some 35 sets of scuba diving equipment. Club members may rent equipment for winter dive vacations or the full summer dive season at prices far below dive stores.

What's going on and how to find out

The single best way to find out what's going on in the club and who does what is to attend, regularly, the monthly meetings of the club executive and general membership. The monthly meetings are held (with few exceptions) on the first Thursday of each month, at 7 pm, at Hart House. A lot is said and decided at these meetings, after which we are known to adjourn to a more social setting. (I.e., a pub!)

At any time members of the executive may be contacted with questions or suggestions. The names and positions of members of the club executive are posted on the website.

Keep in touch during the fall and winter seasons by attending the regular classes of the Scuba Diver course on Tuesday nights (see below).

Finally, you should check the website frequently and sign up for the HHUC listserv (moderated but not, at present, restricted to HHUC members).

How do I sign up for dives?

The dive schedule is posted in late winter, but additional dives may be added during the summer. As the season opens, divers sign up by completing our signup form.

Break between dives.

Coming to the course and pool sessions

Members of the HHUC are welcome to attend any and all lectures and pool sessions of the Fall and Winter NAUI scuba diver courses.

During the regular Tuesday night sessions, current HHUC members may use the club's scuba diving equipment in the pool, but current students and teaching staff come first, so please follow the direction of the Equipment Director. We suggest you speak with the Course Director or an instructor before showing up for the first time.

Signing up for courses

To register in the Fall or Winter term Scuba Diver Course, contact the Hub at Hart House or our training team at hhuc.training@gmail.com.

Courses beyond the introductory NAUI Scuba Diver are offered on an irregular schedule, but usually with classroom sessions in spring or summer and open-water diving during the summer. NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver courses are usually offered at least once a summer. Let us know if you want to take another NAUI course. Notices of upcoming courses are posted through the web site and listserv.

Renting scuba equipment for open-water diving

The club offers essential SCUBA equipment for short-term and long-term rental at discounted prices. Click here for more information.

Gear may only be rented or used by current HHUC members or those registered in HHUC-sanctioned courses.

Gear rented for the summer can be picked up starting in mid-June and must be returned in September. Members may also arrange for mid-winter rentals through the Equipment Director. Members may rent one to four pieces of equipment: tank, buoyancy compensator, regulator, dive computer (one each). Rental fee must be paid in advance. Any time club dive equipment is released for off-site use, the rental fee (if applicable) must be paid in advance and a credit card slip will be completed for a security deposit.

Students enrolled in HHUC-sanctioned courses may also use club gear specifically for the course. Arrangements will be made by the course instructor.

Getting more involved in the club

Each year, the club elects an executive who have primary responsibility for the operations of the club. Any member can become an executive member and portfolios are available for trainees and students at all experience levels. There are ample opportunities to volunteer, throughout the year. Members can assist in our introductory scuba course, help manage equipment and plan dive and advanced training schedules. Members are also encouraged to set up social activities and events in the broader diving community, such as workshops and seminars.

Join our club!

If you're a certified SCUBA diver click here for more information about joining our club.

If you're not a certified SCUBA diver, we invite you to take our NAUI Scuba Diver Course. (First year membership included FREE!)