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Media Production

Media Production provides a wide range of media services to the University of Toronto community.

Event Videography Lectures, conferences, or other special events can be video recorded for distribution on DVD or by webcast. Other media distribution formats for use in MyMedia and YouTube can be provided. We use digital video cameras which provide high quality video in high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD).
Webcasts - Live & Archival Our media server allows us to webcast your event using both Windows Media and RealMedia. The webcasts can be "live" so that remote viewers can view your event as it happens or "archival" so that viewers can view previous events or programs. All "live" events can be archived for later viewing.
Event Videoconferencing Videoconference services for meetings, conferences and other events can be provided in many conference rooms, lecture halls and classrooms on the St. George campus. The services provided can range from a videoconference interview to a full videoconference production with multiple cameras, audio support and Powerpoint integration. Connection of multiple videoconference sites can be accommodated.
Video Production, Editing
& DVD Mastering
Our production services range from simple editing & titling of your
project to complete management of your scripted production or
promotional video. Media Production has produced hundreds of programs and sell many of them wordwide. All programs can be mastered to DVD, complete with DVD menus and chapter markers. Other media distribution formats for use in MyMedia and YouTube can be provided. Custom graphics and titling is also available.
Tape, DVD & CD Conversion & Duplication All projects can be delivered on DVD, CD or tape format. We can transfer your VHS, Beta, 8MM, HI-8, miniDV or MII videotape programs to DVD, CD or VHS tape format. Audiotape can be transferred to CD. We can deliver as many copies as you require - from one to several thousand.
Media Conversion Media Production can convert your video and audio from one format to another, You may have archival video that you want to show in a Powerpoint presentation or you may need your videotape transferred to editable AVI, QT or AVID files. We can handle many tape and digital media formats.