Adobe Acrobat Professional

Product Information

Cost: New license cost is $130

Current Version: Adobe Acrobat Professional 2017

Restrictions: For U of T departments, faculty and staff only on U of T owned workstations.

License Type: Perpetual

Guides and Books: Available at the U of T Bookstore

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac

Installation Media: Installation media is sold separately at $4 per CD/DVD. If you currently own the media you are not required to repurchase it.


Adobe Acrobat Professional software allows you to create, combine and control Adobe PDF documents. You can create PDF documents with one-button ease from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Project, Visio, Access, Publisher, and AutoCAD. Acrobat Professional can and scan paper documents with OCR (optical character recognition) technology to create compact, searchable PDF documents. You can also create fillable forms for distribution by e-mail or on the web with the Forms Designer software included with the Adobe Acrobat Professional.

PDF documents and fillable forms can be read using the free Acrobat Reader software available for Adobe. For more product information, visit the Adobe website.

For a detailed comparison of Adobe Acrobat Professional 2017 and previous versions, please take a look at the version comparison chart.


For full details on ordering, see our “How to Purchase Software” page.

Vendor and Support:

Vendor: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Support: Acrobat Help and Support Website