Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Product Information

License Period: Three years maintenance – up to July 31, 2011

Cost: New license cost is $10 per workstation (minimum number of 5 licenses per purchase).

Current Version: Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1 (Only for LAN usage!)

Restrictions: U of T workstations only.

License Type: Perpetual

Documentation: Installation instructions on CD.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows

Installation Media: Installation media is sold separately at $4 per CD/DVD. If you currently own the media you are not required to repurchase it.


For full details on ordering, see our “How to Purchase Software” page.


The ultimate system installer for fast installation and recovery of Windows workstations. A "must have" PC management and help desk tool for PC LAN managers.

For more information see: Ghost Solution Suite Product Documentation

Vendor and Support:

Vendor: Symantec Corporation

Support: U of T Support Line: WTS Help Line 416-946-4009