Leading Opera expert Iain Scott in discussion with Later Life Learning Members.

Later Life Learning Fundraising Activities:

Over the last 3 years, Later Life Learning Raised $90,000 for the Town Hall Revitalization Project.

Prior to that we created the LLL Scholarship fund for students that has grown to the largest such fund at Innis College with over $1 million in assets!


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The Town Hall at Innis College has been the home to Later Life Learning for the past 30 years. It has also been the major lecture theatre and screening facility for Innis College and the community. The Town Hall welcomes over 50,000 community visitors for film festivals, receptions, symposiums and public lectures.

While the Town Hall has served Innis students, the Cinema Studies Institute, Later Life Learning and the public for many years a major transformation is needed.

Watch this short video to see what Town Hall has meant to students and the comunity and to see what is planned for the future:


To bring the Town Hall up to modern standards, a $3.2 million revitalization of the facility is planned. The renovations will completely transform the Town Hall by:

It is at this pivotal moment in Innis College history that the LLL Board has made a decision to direct our fundraising towards this Town Hall revitalization project.

With your continued support of Innis College’s top funding priority, Later Life Learning can play an essential role in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to receive a first class education in a first class venue. As well we will all benefit directly from these enhancements to a great venue in a great location.

Through this revitalization Later Life Learning will have access to a superior lecture facility for years to come.