Innis College


Only active members of LLL may register for an offered lecture series.

There is a waiting list to become an active member. If you are not on the list but wish to be, please email the following information to LLL at


Mailing Address with Postal Code

Home Telephone Number

email Address

Registration is done online and communication is by email so to be added to the Membership Waiting List an email address MUST be provided.

If you are already on the Membership Waiting List, you will be notified by email when an available space in one of the series opens up. If you enrol in one of the offered courses you will become an active member otherwise you remain on the waiting list.

There is no cost to become a member. However, each 10-week lecture series costs $60. There are NO refunds.

As members leave LLL or if any lecture series is under-subscribed, those on the Membership Waiting List are offered available spaces according to the date they were added to the waiting list.

Rules (updated May, 2018)