Leading Opera expert Iain Scott in discussion with Later Life Learning Members.

Past Programmes

Winter 2018– January 12 - March 26, 2018:

A: The Beatles and Their World – at Innis College

Lecturer: Mike Daley. Dr. Mike Daley holds a Ph.D in music from York University, specializing in popular music. He has taught undergraduate courses at Guelph, McMaster, Waterloo and York Universities as well as acclaimed later-life courses at York, University of Toronto, Ryerson, George Brown, Learning Unlimited in Etobicoke and Lifelong Learning in Mississauga. Mike has published scholarly articles on American popular music in international journals and has been invited to speak at academic conferences from Normandy to Nashville. Mike has also toured the U.S. and Canada as a musician with Jeff Healey, the Travellers and others, and has appeared on dozens of recordings as a guitarist and singer. Presently Mike and his wife Jill are leading music-themed tours to USA cities and, in 2018, to the UK for a Beatles tour.
This course will track the musical development of the Beatles, starting from the earliest days in Liverpool, moving through the excitement of Beatlemania, the rush of psychedelia, and the maturity of their studio years. While the focus will be on the music, we will also consider how recording techniques, the music business, the music of other artists, and the larger culture of the 1960s affected John, Paul, George, and Ringo as they created their classic works.

WN18-A-Weekly Outline

B: Climate Change, Catastrophe and the Tides of History – at Innis College
Lecturer:  Tony Davis. Tony Davis is an Emeritus Professor in the Dept. of Geography at the UofT. As a biogeographer, his research focussed on the reconstruction of past environments using pollen analysis. Although officially retired for over a decade, Tony continued to teach a large introductory course on human-environment interactions until three years ago. He has become very active with lifelong learning groups in Mississauga, Etobicoke and LLL. This will be his third series for LLL.
Climate change has driven the evolution of life, the emergence of humans and their movement around the world. It has determined where and when civilization emerged. In the last two thousand years it has regulated the rise and fall of many societies. In this lecture series, we will explore how climate change continues to exert enormous control over how we occupy the earth and our very survival.

WN18-B-Weekly Outline

Lecture #1

Lecture #2

Lecture #3

Lecture #4

Lecture #5

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Lecture #8

Lecture #9

Lecture #10


C: White Collar Crime - An Investigator's Perspective – at Innis College
Jim Hunter is a forensic accountant. He was formerly Head of KPMG’s forensic practice in Canada. He has led some of the largest fraud investigations in Canada, as well as investigations in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is currently a Course Director (part-time) in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University where he teaches a post-graduate course on understanding and managing fraud risk.
This series takes a look at white collar crime in Canada and overseas. We discuss the “what, why and how” of fraud. What is it that impels otherwise upstanding citizens to become fraudsters? How do they fare in jail? The rationale of commissioning a forensic investigation into alleged wrongdoing will be examined. This series will also address money-laundering, terrorist financing and global corruption.

WN18-C-Weekly Outline


D:  Discussion Group: Maximize your Later Life Learning experience!  Join our current events Discussion Group. 
When:    Monday afternoons from 1 pm to 3:00 pm from January 15, 2018 to March 26, 2018 (No session Mon. February 19th for Reading Week).
Where: INNIS COLLEGE RESIDENCE (across from Innis College), 111 St. George Street, Main Floor
Topics:  Selected by participants at the first session
Cost:      $40 per person for 10 weeks, includes coffee
Note:  Active Later Life Learning members may register in the Discussion Group as well as ONE  Lecture Series. 

Space is LIMITED


Fall 2017:

A: The Writers of the CanLit Boom – at Innis College

Lecturer: Nick Mount.

B: Humanity Challenged in War and Peace – at Innis College
Lecturer:  Bob Douglas.

C: Art & The Making of the Modern World – at Innis College
Lecturers: Elizabeth Legge & Jordan Bear. 

E:  MAKE ‘EM LAUGH!  At Hot Docs, Ted Rogers CinemaPresenters include: Linda Beck,Warren Clements, Peter Harris and Michael Albano


Winter 2017:

A: Films of Wonder, by Warren Clements – at Innis College

B: Canada at 150 – featuring Various Speakers – at Innis College 

C: Sacred Places/Special Spaces – featuring Various Speakers – at Innis College


Fall 2016

A: Let’s Do It! The Music of Cole Porter – at Innis College
Lecturer: Linda Beck.

B: Perils in Paradise–the Clash of Nature & Culture on Oceanic Islands – at Innis College
Lecturer:  Professor Tony Davis

C: The Brain: An Amazing Time Travelling Machine – at Innis College Lecturer: Guy Proulx.

E: New York City, Paris, Berlin in the 1920s – at Bloor Cinema
Lecturer: Peter Harris


Winter 2016

A: Introduction to Folk Music – by Dr. Mike Daley

B: Urban Planning – featuring four different speakers
Lectures 1 – 4: City Building: A New Convergence, by Ken Greenberg. 

Click on the Blue highlighted titles below to see the lecture slides:

Lectures 5 – 8: Choices & Consequences for Toronto, by Paul Bedford.

Lectures 9: Urban Transportation for the 21st Century, by Eric Miller.

Lecture 10: Land Use & Planning in Southern Ontario, by David Crombie.

C: The Medieval Present – by Tim Nau


Fall 2015

Lecturer: Peter Harris.

Lecturer: Rick Phillips

Lecturer: Gary Crawford


Winter 2015:

Lecturer: Damiano Pietropaolo.

Lecturer: David Crombie.

Lecturers: Anne Urbancic (Italy) and David Clandfield (France).

Fall 2014:

A: The City States of the Italian Renaissance - Lectures by Professor Kenneth Bartlett

B: World’s Fairs: Innovation, Modernity and Material Culture - Lectures by different speakers from the University of Toronto and elsewhere.

C: University of Toronto: Great Minds at Work - Lectures by different speakers from the University of Toronto


Winter 2014:

A:  Fire and Ice, Drought and Flood: a History of our Interaction with the Environment: presented by Tony Davis

The following Class Handouts are provided with the permission of Professor Tony Davis: (Click on item to view slides)

Suggested Reading List

B:  Shakespeare and his Followers: multi-speakers (most UofT professors, one from Waterloo and one from Western). 

C:  Design for the Times: presented by Lorna Kelly


Fall 2013:

A:  The Rollicking History of The English Language

Lecturer - Katherine Barber, "Canada's Word Lady"

B:  Ten Great World Cities –

Lecturer - Various

C:  Outstanding Canadian Women

Lecturer - Various


Winter 2013

Myths and Legends in Opera
Lecturer – Iain Scott

Frontiers of Medicine
Lecturer – Maire Percy

Plays That Shook the World
Lecturer – Philippa Sheppard

Fall 2012

Reflections in the Hall of Mirrors: American Movies and the Politics of Idealism

Lecturer – Kevin Courrier

Ten Classical Masterpieces that Changed Music
Lecturer – Rick Phillips
The Realm of Dance

Lecturer – Michael Crabb


Winter 2012

The Great Popular Singers - Lecturer – Mike Daley

Not Only Enstein - Lecturer - Daniela Monaldi

Toronto History - Lecturer - Various

Fall 2011

Baroque Art

Lecturer – Francis Broun

Pursuing Reality - Documentaries

Lecturer - Gillian Helfield

Japan - Lecturer - Momo Kano Podolsky (replaced by James Heron and Koko Kikuchi)


Winter 2011

Humphrey Bogart

Lecturer – Stephen Scharper

One Hundred Years of Jazz

Lecturer - Dr. Michael Daley


Lecturer - Dr. Julia Zarankin


Fall 2010

Canadian Flavours
Some of the lecturers are Joe Schlesinger, Carlos Ventin, Dr. Gillian Helfield, Dr. Robin Elliott, Dr. George Elliot Clark, and Shelley Falconer.

Exploring Great Scenes from Opera
Popular lecturer Iain Scott returns by popular demand.

Many Paths to God
Dr. J.W. Windland is returning to provide in-depth lectures about a number of religions including Jainism, Jehovah Witnesses and Sikhism. 

Winter 2010

Galileo’s Legacies
Lecturer: Dr. John R. Percy

Dream Dresses – In Hollywood Film
Lecturers: Dr. Stephen Scharper and Dr. Hillary Cunningham Scharper

Canadian Rhapsody
Lecturers included: Dr. Stephen Clarkson; Dr. Nick Mount and Dr. Mary Ladky.

Fall 2009

St. Petersburg: A Portrait of a City
Dr. Julia Zarankin

Great Recordings
Lecturer: Rick Phillips

Human Nature – A Philosophical Perspective
Lecturer: Dr. Ronnie De Sousa

Winter 2009

Film Noir
Lecturer: Dr. Stephen Scharper

Literature for Our Time
Lecturer: Dr. Nick Mount

World Religions
Lecturer: Dr. J.W. Windland