Admission To 2011

If you entered the program before September 2011, these are the admissions rules you would follow.

If you are applying to the program in 2012 or later, please go to the Admission From 2012 page instead.


These admission requirements come from the 2010-11 Calendar.


Program Entrance Requirements


The Urban Studies Program is a “Type 2L” program which means that enrolment into the program is limited and competitive. Students request the Urban Studies Major or Minor programs at the end of their first year. Students can only apply to the Specialist POSt from inside the Major POSt.


Admission requirements include:

♦ a minimum CGPA of 2.3 (although competition for entry often means that meeting this minimum target will not guarantee admission)

♦ In addition, acceptance into the Urban Studies Program requires that specific first year courses be completed.

The MAJOR POSt requires:

2.0 FCEs from the following listing:
- 1.0 FCEs of first year Economics courses (e.g., ECO100Y, or ECO105Y);
- 1.0 FCEs of first year (Human) Geography courses (e.g., GGR101H, GGR107H, GGR124H);
- 1.0 FCEs of first year Political Science courses (Note: POL214Y will be counted as a first-year POL course and will count as 1.0 FCEs in entrance requirements);
- 1.0 FCEs of first year Sociology courses.

FOR THE MINOR POSt, only 1.0 FCEs from this list is required.

FOR THE SPECIALIST POSt, 3.0 FCEs from this list is required.


For the POSt requirements that apply to you, visit Requirements To 2011.