Admissions & Requirements

All Urban Studies programs are limited enrolment programs (see Registration Handbook and Timetable under Quicklinks for application procedures). The Urban Studies program can only accommodate a limited number of students. Therefore, meeting the course, grade and/or CGPA prerequisites does not necessarily guarantee admission to the POSt in any given year.


If you entered the program before September 2011, or are applying before September 2011 to be in the program, please consult Admission To 2011 and Requirements To 2011.


If you are intending to apply to the program in 2012 or later, the following rules apply for admissions and progress through the Urban Studies Program: Admission From 2012 and Requirements From 2012.


How do I apply for admission to the Urban Studies Program?

Students can apply to the Urban Studies Program through ROSI in either First Round (April/May) or Second Round (July/August).