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The Urban Studies Student Union is the executive body of elected students representing urban studies students in the program and those taking urban studies courses. Throughout the year we host academic seminars, information panels, and social events on various urban and school related topics for all urban studies students. We also have a newsletter and peer-mentorship program we run throughout the year. You can get involved by attending our elections when they occur, coming out to our events and submitting urban related topics to us to post through our social media! Our office is located at 2 Sussex Ave room 107, feel free to drop by or email urssuinfo@gmail.com to arrange an appointment for any questions.

2017-18 URSSU Executive:
Co-Presidents: Anthony Kim & Tuduetso Mooketsi

Treasurer: Ian Hwang

Secretary: Grace Van Der Velden

DenCITY Representative: Jane Drumm

Social Media Co-ordinator: Jane Law

Upper Year Representative: Keisha St. Kouis-Mcburnie & Naomi Egbon

Lower Year Representatives: Ekin Naz Yaman & Jordan Mark

Social Media:
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Facebook: Urban Studies Student Union
Twitter: @urssuuoft
Instagram: @urssuuoft
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