Courses and Enrolment

Program Enrolment

The Writing and Rhetoric Minor is now a Type 1 program. You may sign up for the program directly through ROSI.

Students may take INI courses even if they do not wish to enrol in the Writing and Rhetoric Program.


Program Requirements

Visit this link for the latest Writing and Rhetoric program description and list of courses.


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First Year Courses

INI 103H and 104H count toward Writing and Rhetoric Minor requirements, whether or not they are taken in first year.

First-year students who are interested in enrolling in the program in second year (or a later year) should take one or both of these courses in first year. (Upper-level students are also welcome to take first-year courses.) Any course that counts toward program requirements may be taken before a student formally enrols in the program.


Note on Enrolment in "P" indicator courses

Are you having trouble enrolling in second-year and third-year INI courses?

They may be restricted to W&R program students until early August. Try again on the day on which the course restrictions fall away (early August).