Learning Goals of the Writing and Rhetoric Program

Broad Goals

  1. To introduce students to the disciplines of writing and rhetoric.
  2. To teach students that communication shapes and is shaped by social forces.
  3. To offer students a powerful educational tool designed to complement specialist and major programs.
  4. To enhance student experience through small-class instruction.

Learning Goals

In the Writing and Rhetoric Program, students learn the following:

  1.  To write and think critically.
  2.  To use written discourse to communicate effectively and persuasively.
  3.  To analyze non-fiction prose.
  4.  To identify weaknesses in argument.
  5.  To recognize modes of reasoning.
  6.  To marshal evidence.
  7.  To develop, organize, and present research-based arguments.
  8.  To approach writing as a form of design.
  9. To develop an array of skills relevant to the professional workplace, and to graduate and professional schools.