Program Requirements for the Minor in Writing and Rhetoric

Entrance requirement (Type 1 Program)

Students who wish to be considered for enrolment in the program must first meet the following requirement. Students apply through ROSI. For further information on Type 1 Programs, please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science site.

In first year:

  • Complete four full-course equivalents (any discipline).

Note: Only students enrolled in the program are given enrolment priority to certain INI writing courses. Only students in Rotman Commerce can register in INI302H.



Program Requirements

Visit this link for the latest 2018-19 Writing and Rhetoric program description and list of courses.


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Lists A, B, and C and Program Themes:

The program's three lists of Arts & Science courses (A, B, and C) represent subject areas closely related to the study of writing, rhetoric, and critical thinking. The thinking, reasoning (including ethical reasoning), and decision-making central to the courses in group A reflect the critical analysis component of the Writing and Rhetoric Program. Group B embraces courses related to professional writing and media. These courses expose students to a variety of "rhetorics" and offer instruction in various modes of writing, many of which would prove useful in the professional workplace. Finally, the language and rhetoric courses in group C represent both foundational courses and advanced, interdisciplinary approaches to rhetoric.


Innis Writing Courses
INI103H1, INI104H1, INI203Y1, INI204Y1, INI300H1, INI302H1, INI301H1, INI304H1, INI305H1, INI310H1, INI311Y1, INI409H1, INI410H1, JEI206H1


A. Critical Analysis and Reasoning
ARC235H1; INI204Y1, INI304H1, INI310H1, INI409H1, INI410H1; LIN481H1; PHL247H1, PHL275H1, PSY370H1; TRN190Y1, TRN200Y1


B. Workplace Writing and Media
ARC232H1; FAH443H1; HIS316H1, HIS482H1; INI104H1, INI300H1, INI301H1, INI302H1INI384H1; PHL295H1, POL475H1; PSY327H1; SMC219Y1, SMC228Y1, SMC300H1; UNI221H1


C. Language and Rhetoric
ANT253H1, ANT329Y1, ANT427H1; ENG100H1, ENG110Y1, ENG205H1; ENG285H1; ENG385H1; INI103H1, INI203Y1, INI305H, INI311Y1; JAL328H1, JAL355H1; JEI206H1, JPL315H1; LIN200H1, LIN201H1, LIN203H1, LIN204H1; VIC345H1, VIC350Y1.


*College One courses taken in September 2012 and onward will no longer count towards the Writing and Rhetoric minor. This change will be incorporated into next year's calendar.

The following courses will be accepted as exceptions. Please contact the Program Assistant:

VIC275H1 - Creative Writing: Short Fiction, VIC280H1 - Creative Writing: Poetry, VIC479Y1 - The Novel: A Master Class, and VIC480H1 - Poetry: A Master Class

Detailed List of Courses

Please see the Other Courses page.