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Munk Centre

Hansjurgen Doss
(Member of the German Parliament and the German -Ukrainian Parliamentary Group)

"German-Ukrainian Business Contacts"

On September 13, the Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Toronto office, co-sponsored a talk by Hansjurgen Doss on "German-Ukrainian Business Contacts." Dr. Doss, a member of the German Parliament and of the German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group, spoke about the expansion of the European Union and its ramifications for Ukraine's business and investment climate. The event was chaired by Professor Leonid Rudnytsky, Rector of the Ukrainian Free University (Munich), who presented the speaker with his university's new publication of Ihor Kuchurovsky's Promenysti syl'vety and thanked the Romanyshyn family for sponsoring this book project.

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