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Munk Centre

EVENTS 2002-2003

Political Science

  • Hansjurgen Doss (Member of the German Parliament and the German -Ukrainian Parliamentary Group) "German-Ukrainian Business Contacts"
  • Mykhaylo Svirin (Academy of Public Administration, Odesa, Ukraine) "Transparency and Openness of Public service in Ukraine"
  • Workshop: Bureaucracy and Civil Service Reform in Russian and Ukraine
    - Daniel Bilak (Gowling Lafleur Henderson)
    - Robert Brym (University of Toronto)
    - Piotr Dutkewicz (Carleton University)
    - Eugene Huskey (Stetson University, USA)
    - Taras Kuzio (University of Toronto)
    - Mykhaylo Svirin (Academy of Public Administration, Odesa, Ukraine)
    - Lucan Way (Temple University, USA)
  • Viktoriya Gumenyuk (Department of Sociology, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine), "Challenges of Doing Statistics in Ukraine: Legislation, Methodology and Access to Information"
  • Seminar "Ukraine in Crisis"
    Marta Dyczok (Department of Political Science and History, University of Western Ontario, CREES Fellow)
    "Ukrainian Media: Censorship Exposed - Journalists Fight Back"

    Taras Kuzio (Resident Fellow, CREES)
    "The Domestic and International Ramifications of Iraqgate"
  • Volodymyr Kulyk (Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Jacyk Visiting Professor of Ukrainian Studies, Columbia University)
    "External Involvement in Ukrainian Ethnopolitical Conflicts: The Role of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities in the De-escalation of the Crimean Tatar Problem"
  • Serhiy Holovaty (former Minister of Justice of Ukraine, President, Ukrainian Legal Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Yale University), "The Rule of Law in Post-Soviet Ukraine and Russia: Will It Ever be Possible?"
  • Bohdan Harasymiw (Political Science Department, University of Calgary) "Ukraine, Troubled Democracy"
  • Conference "Business and Investment Opportunities in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine"
    - Sponsors included Baker & McKenzie, Bombardier, Canada Russia Business Forum, Economic and Commercial Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Export Development Canada, The Joint Initiative in German and European Studies, Northland Power Inc., Ontario Exports Inc, SNC- Lavalin International Inc.
  • Book presentation:
    Yaroslav Koshiw "Beheaded - The killing of a journalist"
  • Workshop: Russia and Ukraine: First Post-Soviet Censuses
    - Dominique Arel (Brown University),
    - Dmitry Gorenburg (CNA Corporation),
    - Robert Johnson (University of Toronto),
    - Taras Kuzio (University of Toronto)


  • Hiroaki Kuromiya (Department of History, University of Indiana) "The 1932-33 Famine and Ukrainian National Sentiments"
  • Andrii Bolianovsky, Department of History and Politilogy, Lviv Commerce Academy "The German occupation policy and national Resistance movement in Galicia, 1941- 1944"
  • Anatoliy Kruglashov (Chernivtsi National University; visiting professor at the U. of Alberta), Traditional Multiculturalism in the Chernivtsi Region: The Myths and Realities of "Europe in Miniature"


  • Lidia Stefanowska (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland) "The Citizens of Non-Existing Country: the Issue of Identity and Nostalgia in the Recent Galician Culture"
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