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Munk Centre

    Ukraine Research Group (URG)

    The URG is open to faculty, post-doctoral fellows, PhD and masters' students at UofT and other institutions in and around Toronto who study Ukraine, or whose work touches on Ukraine comparatively. The group’s goal is to help scholars stay informed about each other’s research, promote interdisciplinary approaches to Ukrainian studies, and foster academic community in the field. URG meetings are informal colloquia where work-in-progress is discussed. Papers are pre-circulated a week prior to each meeting. During meetings, authors briefly summarize their work and outline their major questions and concerns, discussants offer their own critique of the papers for 5-10 minutes, and group discussion follows.

    In 2016–17, the group discussed the following papers:

    • 26 September 2016. “Souvenirs from Kolomyia: A Biographical Sketch of a 19th-century Professional Photographer.” Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Head, Petro Jacyk Central and East European Resource Centre, University of Toronto Libraries.
      Discussant: Maxim Tarnawsky, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto.
      Chair: Marta Dyczok, Departments of History and Political Science, University of Western Ontario.
    • 17 October 2016. “Late Soviet Kharkiv between Modernity and Disillusionment.” Markian Dobczansky, Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellow in Ukrainian Politics, Culture, and Society, University of Toronto.
      Discussant: Serhiy Bilenky, Research Associate, Department of History, University of Toronto.
    • 12 December 2016. “Social-Political Roles of the Princess in Kyivan Rus.” Talia Zajac, PhD Candidate, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.
      Discussant: Volodymyr Mezentsov, Research Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Toronto, and Executive Director of the Canada-Ukraine Baturyn Archaeological Project.
    • 17 January 2017. “From a Soviet Decree to the Seville Strategy: Defending the Legality of Fisheries in Ukraine’s Danube Biosphere Reserve.” Tanya Richardson, Department of Anthropology, Wilfrid Laurier University.
      Discussant: Matthew Light, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto.
    • 28 February 2017. “Collection as a Trophy, Collection as a Hostage: Judicial Records of the Crimean Khanate.” Maryna Kravets, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto.
      Discussant: Kris Wawrzyniak, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations and University of Toronto Libraries.
    • 21 March 2017. “An Excursion to Zaporozh’e.” Lynne Viola, Department of History, University of Toronto.
      Discussant: Peter Solomon, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto.
    • 18 April 2017. “Serhii Iefremov: Epitome of the Ukrainian Revolution.” Maxim Tarnawsky, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto.
      Discussant: Taras Koznarsky, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto.

      For more information on URG's activities this year and to join the Group, contact Dr. Ksenya Kiebuzinski (ksenya.kiebuzinski@utoronto.ca).


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