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Date:   Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:56:57 -0400
From:   Eugene Siciunas <>
Subject:Notice of Public Meeting
To: Multiple recipients of list NW-ADMINS-L <>
Attached below is a notice being distributed throughout the University,
inviting those with an interest in an institutional e-mail package other
than Netscape's Messenger or Microsoft's Outlook Express to a Public
meeting with the subcommittee charged with identifying needs and
recommending a product. Some of you have already provided input at meetings
of the UT Sysadmins and NW admins groups. Please pass this notice on to
colleagues that may have an interest.
Thank you.
To:      PDAD&C                           Date; June 16, 1998
         AMS USers
         SRS Users
Cc:      ut-sysadmins
         Specific students, faculty
From:    Eugene Siciunas
Re:      Institutional E-Mail
Vice-Provost McCammond has struck a subcommittee of the Academic Advisory
Committee of the Computing Management Board to determine the requirements
for an institutional e-mail package and to test, evaluate and recommend a
suitable product by August 31, 1998.
The institutional e-mail service provided by University of Toronto
Computing, UTORmail, has been using ECSmail as the client package since
August, 1994. It is now becoming unsupportable, and newer packages have
many more features. A large part of the University community's needs may be
satisfied by the e-mail packages included with the popular World Wide Web
browsers, namely Netscape's "Messenger" and Microsoft Internet Explorer's
"Outlook Express". These packages will be supported by the Information
Commons and incorporated into the CD-ROM that students purchase when first
arriving at the University, and they will be available for down-load from
the University's software distribution server, UTORdist.
The task of the afore-mentioned subcommittee is to identify the additional
e-mail functionality required by faculty and staff, including users of AMS
and Student Record Systems, that is not  provided by "Messenger" and/or
"Outlook Express". To this end, a "Public" meeting has been scheduled to
allow members of the University community with an interest in institutional
e-mail to make their needs known to the subcommittee.
This meeting will take place Wednesday, June 24th at 1:00 PM in the
McLennan Laboratories, 255 Huron Street, Room 118. (just north of "The
Gourmet Bean" coffee operation in the lobby.)
Please pass this notice on to colleagues in your department that may have
an interest. Thank You.
The membership of the subcommittee is as follows:
Delaney, Jim - Manager, Liaison and Campus Life Services
Edmunds, Michael - Director, Information Commons
Frecker, Richard - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Kemp, Graham - Director, Administrative Management Systems
Nishri, Alex - Supervisor, Network Services, CNS (co-opted)
Rosselet, Alan -  Manager, Academic Services, U of T at Scarborough
Siciunas, Eugene - Director, Computing & Networking Services  (chair)
 | Eugene Siciunas                       |  University of Toronto    |
 | Director, Computing & Networking Svcs.|  255 Huron St., Suite 350 |
 | Eugene.Siciunas@UToronto.CA           |  Toronto, Ontario         |
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