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Policies: Account Deletion

This document describes the policy for deletion of network services accounts, such as UTORmail and UTORdial.


This policy applies to all network services accounts. These services require individuals to open non-transferable accounts. Currently these services are UTORmail and UTORdial, but more may be added in the future. Access to the UTORagent and UTORforum services requires a UTORmail account, and hence need not be considered separately.

Definition of Eligibility

Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, retired faculty and retired staff of the University of Toronto are eligible for individual network service accounts. For the purposes of this document, "eligibility" is the privilege an individual enjoys to open and maintain network service accounts, subject to whatever conditions apply to the holding of these accounts.

Definition of Abandonment

An individual is deemed to have abandoned a network service account if they have not successfully "logged into" it with their userid and password in the last six months. For a UTORmail account, "logging-in" means successfully connecting to read messages, or confirming that all messages are to be forwarded elsewhere.

Deletion Policy

All network service accounts belonging to an individual can be deleted when eligibility ceases, normally subject only to a 30 day warning period. For UTORmail the warning will be sent to the UTORmail address. For UTORdial, the warning will be sent to the email address which users can optionally provide in their account configuration; if the email address is not provided or is incorrect, the user will not get notice.

Alumni, retired faculty and retired staff retain their eligibility for life. For individuals with lifetime eligibility, any network services accounts can be immediately deleted without warning, once that network service has been abandoned. Individuals whose network services accounts have been deleted due to abandonment and who remain eligible will be able open new accounts.

The accounts of individuals without lifetime eligibility, namely students, faculty and staff while at the University, are not subject to deletion due to abandonment.

When a UTORdial account is deleted, any outstanding balance of tokens shall be forfeited and no refund shall be made.

When a UTORmail account is deleted, any existing mail at the post office will become inaccessible. Any mail sent to the account's email address will be rejected. The UTORmail address and UTORid may be assigned to another individual.

Exemptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis, upon application to the Director, Computing and Networking Services.

This policy is to be incorporated into the documentation that users receive when they apply for Network Services, and is to be available on-line via the Web.

February 18, 1998


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