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Policies: Limits and Quotas for UTORmail

This document describes the policy for limits and quotas for UTORmail accounts as of May 17, 2007.


Total quota for individual accounts, (including all messages in all folders stored at the UTORmail post office) = 120 MB[1]

Limit for the size of a message = 50 MB[2]

Limit for attachment sent with Webmail = 10 MB[3]

[1] For more information about the quota see

[2] The UTORmail post office limits messages to 50 MB maximum size.

You can send up to 50 MB of data through the outgoing mail server, at any one time, however, this does not mean you can send a 50 MB email to multiples of people.

For example, when sending a 10 MB email in size, only a maximum of 5 people can be addressed, for a total of 50 MB.

When attachments are encoded for email they tend to use approximately 1.37 times more space.
(See for more information.)
Hence the approximate maximum size of attachments in an email message is 30 MB.

[3] At the request of Joe Lim and the UTM Computing Committee this was raised from 2 MB in May 2007.

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