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Authenticated SMTP for UTORmail

In November 2007, CNS Network Services will be rolling out the UTORmail authenticated SMTP service for sending email.

Authenticated Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) allows for greater security in sending email. When enabled in the user's mail client, authenticated SMTP requires users to enter their password before being allowed to send messages, and using very strong encryption, ensures that your password and email message is sent through an encrypted connection.

By using the UTORmail authenticated SMTP server, customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Outgoing messages will be encrypted and, therefore, protected from malicious monitoring traffic between the user's client machine and the SMTP server.
  • Roaming laptop users can connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world and send mail without having to reconfigure their mail clients.

How do I setup authenticated SMTP?

If you use UTORwebmail, you won't need to do anything. The change has already been made for you.

If you use an e-mail program on your computer, you will need to change the settings for sending mail soon, when CNS Network Services will turn off the unauthenticated SMTP ( servers at a future date. Authenticated SMTP is available now, and you can begin using it any time you wish.

Making the change is quick and easy! Please see our instructions on protecting your E-mail with SSL

Frequently Asked Questions about SMTP

Why can't I just use the SMTP server of the hotel or wireless network where my computer is plugged in?
Often it is not easy to find out the name of the SMTP server on a network where you are a visitor. With the authenticated SMTP service, you can set you e-mail preferences once, and never have to worry about outgoing e-mail again.

Will I still need to keep changing my e-mail preferences between work and home?
No. The networks you use at home and at work can both send e-mail using the authenticated SMTP server, so no need to change your e-mail preferences.

Why not just use Hotmail, MSN, or Yahoo mail when I travel?
While those services are free, they require that you use a web browser to send and receive e-mail. They also add an ad to the bottom of every e-mail that you send. authenticated SMTP service can be used directly with your existing e-mail application. authenticated SMTP service never adds ads to customers' e-mails.

Will the authenticated SMTP service work from any network?
Yes. authenticated SMTP service authenticates your account based on your e-mail address or on a UTORid and password, not on the network that your computer is using to access the internet.

Why can't I use my ISP's (i.e. Sympatico, Rogers, etc) SMTP server when I travel?
All internet service providers (ISPs) make SMTP servers available to their customers. Unfortunately, they restrict use of those servers to computers that are on their networks. So, if you have configured your laptop to use your ISP's SMTP server when you are at home, you will not be able to send e-mail using that server when you travel, since you will be accessing it from a different network (a dial-up account, a hotel, a network at work, a wireless network etc.).

Getting Help

You can visit the Information Commons on the first floor of Robarts Library, call for help at 978-HELP (4357) or send e-mail to <>.

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Page last modified on October 31, 2007, at 10:31 AM