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Oracle Connector for Outlook (OCFO)

This page is for departmental technical support staff who are interested in using Oracle Connector for Outlook (OCFO). OCFO is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables access to UTORschedule Oracle Calendar. Using OCFO calendars, task lists, notes, and contacts can be managed through the Microsoft Outlook interface. UTORschedule customers using Oracle Calendar and those using Microsoft Outlook via OCFO can share and invite each other to meetings.

The OCFO software may be of interest to departments already using Microsoft Outlook. (Note OCFO does not function with Microsoft Outlook Express, which is very different from Microsoft Outlook.) It may also be of interest to Blackberry users, allowing cradle syncing with UTORschedule.

NEW! - This version,, now supports Outlook 2003 use within the Windows Vista operating system. Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 with OCFO is not supported at this time.

Please note that University committees have recommended against providing central support for Microsoft Outlook. However, the Network Services group in CNS has experience with OCFO and will be happy to assist departmental IT staff with questions on a best effort basis; also, if the Network Services group can't answer a question we can ask Oracle, using our vendor support agreement. However, we are limited in the time available to build expertise, write documentation, etc. for Microsoft Outlook or the OCFO. Also, there is no Information Commons Help Desk support for this software.

Departments electing to use this software must assume full responsibility for its support.

We also ask that you only use versions of Oracle software, including OCFO, that CNS has already tried and verified against the UTORschedule Oracle Calendar server; we have had problems in the past when people used versions of Oracle software that were incompatible with our server, causing outages and problems for everyone else using the UTORschedule service. Please only use the version of the OCFO, available below, which CNS has verified against the UTORschedule Oracle software.

CNS will periodically, when time permits, verify new versions of OCFO against the UTORschedule Oracle Calendar server and provide such versions for download through this page. CNS will also submit problem reports to Oracle, but it is up to the affected department to collect all the necessary information and perform all the supporting diagnosis.

The installation process for OCFO, according to a number of sources, is extremely complex and non-intuitive.

To prevent OCFO from causing problems at the UTORmail post office or UTORschedule calendar server, the following configuration options must be followed

  • "check new messages" defaults to 15 minutes, and must not be set for less than 5 minutes.

  • Outlook must not be configured to check for new messages in folders other than INBOX or junk-mail. (The default appears to be to only check the INBOX.)
The following references might be useful,

WiscCal - Oracle Outlook Connector Preferences / Options Settings

Oracle Connector for Outlook - Troubleshooting and FAQs

Forum: Oracle Connector for Outlook

Download current version of OCFO

Click Here to Download the Oracle Connector for Outlook (OCFO) version Refresh

Last update: Date: 2007/07/25 11:47:31

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