Jul 5, 2020

Cannabis use disorder is correlated with increased risk of myocardial infarction after surgery

With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis use, cannabis consumption has become more prevalent. However, many health aspects around chronic cannabis use are still unclear, such as whether the cannabis use impacts surgical outcomes in patients.
Apr 2, 2020

Ca2+-activated potassium channels modulate chronic pain-related anxiety behaviour

Anxious behaviour and anxiety disorders are common comorbidities in chronic pain patients. The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is an area of the brain that processes anxiety and the affective dimension (unpleasant feeling) of pain. However, within the central nervous system the molecular link of anxiety in chronic pain is unclear.
Apr 2, 2020

Functional brain changes are associated with neuropathic pain relief from ketamine treatment

Neuropathic pain is difficult to treat and significantly affects quality of life. Intravenous infusion of ketamine is a growing treatment option for patients with neuropathic pain and has been shown to provide effective and long-term pain relief. However, almost half of patients that receive this therapy do not achieve analgesic effectiveness. To explore this issue, UTCSP members Dr. Anton Rogachov, Dr. Rachael Bosma, and senior author Dr. Karen Davis, with their colleagues at the Krembil Brain Institute led a study examining brain functional activity in ketamine responders and non-responders.
Jan 31, 2020

Contrasting roles in acute and chronic pain of the growth factor, epiregulin.

Targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family of proteins has proven to be analgesic in chronic pain animal models and in patients with chronic pain. Thus, in this study led by UTCSP scientist, Loren Martin, and McGill researcher, Luda Diatchenko, they aimed to determine whether there are genetic variants in EGFR-encoding genes or in genes of ligands of EGFR that correlate with chronic pain. 
Jan 31, 2020

A new clinical pain syndrome: Trigeminal neuralgia associated with a solitary pontine lesion

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a facial pain disorder distinguished by extremely severe, electric shock-like attacks of pain to one side of the face. The pain is due to problems with the brain’s trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from the face to the brain. Conventional magnetic resonance imaging of patients with TN typically does not reveal identifiable brain lesions or atrophy – essentially, their scan is completely normal. In a newly published article by UTCSP members, lead author Sarasa Tohyama with senior author Dr. Mojgan Hodaie and colleagues, identified a unique subgroup of patients with TN who present with a single, distinct lesion in the pontine region of the brainstem.
Jan 15, 2020

International research collaboration to hunt for a biological signature of chronic pain in adolescents

NIH awards $9 million to a two-phase team project with the University of Toronto, the Hospital for Sick Children, Stanford University and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 
An international research collaboration has been awarded a $9 million research grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health to tackle the complex problem of chronic musculoskeletal pain in adolescents. The five-year research project, involving two distinct phases and an international team of researchers from the University of Toronto (assistant professor Massieh Moayedi), the Hospital for Sick Children, Stanford University, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, will work towards uncovering a biological signature for chronic pain — and help those for whom traditional therapies aren’t effective.

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IASP's Global Year for the Prevention of Pain

January marked the launch of IASP's 2020 Global Year for the Prevention of Pain. IASP sponsors and promotes the Global Year For Pain, which is a year-long initiative designed to raise awareness of various aspects of pain. 

For further information, please visit the IASP website

Pain in the News

Jun 30, 2020

Effects on tactile transmission by serotonin transporter inhibitors at Merkel discs of mouse whisker hair follicles

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
The Merkel disc is a main type of tactile end organs formed by Merkel cells and Aβ-afferent endings as first tactile sensory synapses.
Jun 25, 2020

Microglia-mediated chronic psoriatic itch induced by imiquimod

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
Activation of glial cells has been shown to play an important role in chronic itch.
Jun 18, 2020

Effect of reactive oxygen species of the psoas major muscle in complete Freund’s adjuvant-induced inflammatory pain in rats

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
Lower limb pain is a common clinical disease that affects millions of people worldwide.
Jun 15, 2020

Naltrexone during pain conditioning: A double-blind placebo-controlled experimental trial

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
Naltrexone reversibly blocks the effects of opioids and has been shown to decrease placebo analgesia.
Jun 9, 2020

MicroRNA-547-5p-mediated interleukin-33/suppressor of tumorigenicity 2 signaling underlies the genesis and maintenance of neuropathic pain and is targeted by the therapy with bone marrow stromal cells

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
Interleukin-33 (IL-33)/suppressor of tumorigenicity 2 (ST2) signaling is known to promote inflammation and the genesis and maintenance of neuropathic pain.
Jun 5, 2020

c-Abl-p38α signaling pathway mediates dopamine neuron loss in trigeminal neuralgia

Molecular Pain, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2020.
Trigeminal neuralgia is a common neuropathic pain in the head and face.