QOL Publications

The Quality of Life of Seniors Living in the Community: A conceptualization with implications for public health practice
Dennis Raphael, Ivan Brown, Rebecca Renwick, Maureen Cava, Nancy Weir, Kit Heathcote
January 1996, 13 pages


Maintaining and improving the quality of life (QOL) of seniors in the community is an increasingly important goal of public health planning and programming. To provide authentic assessments of seniors' quality of life, a partnership of public health workers and university researchers, working closely with seniors in the community, developed the Quality of Life Profile: Seniors Version (QOLPSV). Administration of the QOLPSV to a wide range of North York, Ontario seniors (n=205) participating in community-based healthful living programs, provided evidence of the instrument's psychometric integrity. Additionally, results indicated specific areas of need among seniors, suggesting shifts in emphasis in program delivery. Additional public health applications of a quality of life perspective are outlined.

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