Toronto RDC Project Fees

Fees apply to some research projects conducted at the Toronto RDC. The following rules apply:

1) No fees are due for research projects funded by SSHRC or CIHR grants held directly by the principal investigator. The costs of this research are covered by block grants to the RDC from SSHRC and CIHR.

2) No fees are due for unfunded research projects conducted by regularly appointed faculty members of Ryerson University, the University of Toronto and York University, or by students enrolled at these institutions, in the regular course of their duties or studies. The costs of this research are covered by funds provided to the RDC by these institutions.

3) Excluded from the first two categories is research funded by a consulting fee or any other form of project for which the researcher is paid directly, beyond her or his university salary or university research assistantship.

4) Fees are due for all other research projects. This includes:
  • projects conducted for centres, agencies and institutes whose primary funding is from sources other than our partner universities, and/or who are undertaking contract research,
  • research conducted for the federal, provincial and municipal governments, and for hospitals and NGOs,
  • research conducted for private corporations and entities.
5) Research funded by the Federal Department of Human Resources and Skills Development is covered by an agreement between HRSDC and the RDC network, and the fee payable and terms of payment will be specified in your contract.

Current fees for accessing the Toronto RDC:

Fees to access the Toronto RDC have a tiered structure. An initial fee payable at the start of the project provides 22 days of access, which can be spread out over a longer period of time (i.e., the days need not be used consecutively). Fractions of days are not tracked so any access in a given day counts as a full day. Subsequent days of RDC access are available in 11 day blocks. Again the 11 days of access can be spread out over a longer period of time.

The fees cover local access costs, as well as the support of Statistics Canada and the RDC network. The actual amount of the fees will depend in part on the data sets requested. Please contact us for further details.