What We Do

The Toronto RDC provides researchers with the environment, tools, equipment and supplies necessary for advanced social science, health and policy research. More than half our researchers are graduate students, many of whom are analyzing data for their theses and dissertations.

Our data sets

The Toronto RDC houses the core RDC Program datasets. Information about these datasets can be found on the CRDCN's Data page. Others are made available based upon an accepted proposal. Please consult the RDC Program's Application process and guidelines page for more information about submitting a proposal.

See our Toronto RDC Data page for important information on the distinction between data available from the Data Liberation Initiative and from the RDC Program.

University of Toronto researchers will want to ensure that their data needs cannot be met by either the University of Toronto's Data Library Service, University of Toronto's Map and Data Library or the CHASS Data Centre before applying to conduct research at the Toronto RDC.

York University researchers can check York University's Library Data & Statistics web site for public use data. Ryerson University researchers will want to consult Ryerson's Geospatial Map and Data Centre.

How to apply

Prospective researchers must submit a proposal to conduct research at any of the Research Data Centres. The proposal must be accepted by both SSHRC and Statistics Canada before research may begin.

Statistics Canada's application process and guidelines page outlines the steps required to successfully complete and submit a proposal.

Some proposals will be charged an RDC access fee. Refer to the Toronto RDC's Project Fees page to determine if fees are applicable to your project.