Friday August 13, 2004

Location: Medical Sciences Building, 4th Floor Seminar Room (4227), The University of Toronto


Start End Theme Speaker Presentation Title
10:00 10:15 Physiology and Behavior W. McIntyre Burnham An Introduction to Voluntary Behavior
10:15 10:30   Bill Mackay Neuronal Activity and the Control of Limb Movement
10:30 10:45 Complexity and Autonomous Agents  Elan Liss Ohayon From Cellular Automata to Autonomous Agents: Breaking away from Symmetry, Seizures, and Cybernetics
10:45 11:00 Information Processing John Rick Reciprocal interactions between “format” and “flow” – how plasticity might govern information processing
11:00 11:15   Ping Wang Reliable transmission of sensory inputs into the cortex through unreliable synapses
11:15 11:30 Cognition Katherine Fong Yin Chan Hippocampal involvement in a chronic model of atypical absence seizures (AAS)
11:30 11:40 Neuroanatomy D. Sesath Hewapathirane  Cell Death and Neurogenesis I: Do seizures damage the brain?
11:40 11:50   Brian Scott Cell Death and Neurogenesis II: Seizure-Induced Enhancement of Hippocampal Neurogenesis
11:50 12:10 Nutrition and Biochemistry Sergei S. Likhodii and Kirk Nylen The Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy: Probing the Mechanisms of Action
12:10 12:25 Pharmacology W. McIntyre Burnham Consciousness and Anticonvulsants
12:25 1:00 Lunch    
1:00 1:10 Cellular and Network Electrophysiology Peter Carlen  The Enigma of Seizure Generation and Spread
1:10 1:25   Miron Derchansky Bidirectional Seizure Activity as a Manifestation of Coupled Network Oscillators
1:25 1:40   Liang Zhang Is subiculum a generator of hippocampal ripples?
1:40 1:55   Berj L. Bardakjian Electrical Oscillations in Hippocampal Networks: Analysis, Modeling and Control
1:55 2:10   Fernanda Saraga Active dendrites and spike propagation in multi-compartment models of hippocampal interneurons
2:10 2:25 Neuro-Psychoanalysis  Jim Deutsch Epilepsy and Autonomy: A Developmental Perspective
2:25 2:35 Coffee Break    
2:35 2:50 Personal Narratives Claudia Megna Living with Epilepsy: April's Life Sentence
2:50 3:05 Hormones and Reproduction Sofia Megna Developing an Animal Model for the Reproductive Dysfunctions of Epilepsy
3:05 3:20 Neurology and Clinical Perspectives Paul Hwang Epilepsy: A Disorder of Loss of Control - A Clinician's Perspective
3:20 3:35 Neurogenetics and Pathobiology Miles D Thompson The Genetic Epilepsies and Common Comorbidities
3:35 3:50 Gender and Social Sciences Ann Lam Women and Epilepsy: An Integrative Approach
3:50 4:05 Dynamical Systems and Modeling Piotr Suffczynski Bistable dynamics of epileptic phenomena
4:05 4:15 Coffee Break    
4:15 4:20 International Exchanges    The University of Toronto International Student eXchange Office (ISXO)
4:20 5:00 Keynote Speaker Stiliyan Kalitzin Autonomous Dynamic Models of Clinical And Experimental Epilepsy 
5:00 5:10 Closing Remarks and refreshments