Barefoot back deepwater start

Barefoot back deepwater start

From Mon Mar  6 12:16:34 EST 1995
Subject: Re: backwards barefoot question?
Date: 4 Mar 1995 22:39:28 -0500

>I hope some of you excellent backwards barefooters can help.  I tried 
>deeping up all summer last year and never was able to stand up.
>I am able to get my feet planted.  Legs spread, feet are relaxed (not 
>pressing against water).  I just can't stand up.

Well's like this. :)

^^^^Backwards is the balls, and worth the time invested!! ;D^^^^^^^

Aside from the hype, I will assume you are working on your back deeps
off a boom. If not, stop right here, and go find someone with a boom to
learn on. The upward pull (particularly on a back deep) is extremely
helpful to learn the proper technique, as long as you mix it in with
attempts on long-line.

After you roll over and the boat starts out _slowly_, spread your legs
gradually apart and lay the *side* of your big toe on the water. You
can practice this on your living room floor just as well. You should be
laying the toe and almost the side of the ankle on the water during the
learning curve. Your shoulders are relaxed, and arms are completely
extended, with the handle down over your butt. It should _not_ be
pulled into your back.  As your body starts easing from plowing water
to planing on it, you should be sticking that chest down into the water
while raising your butt up into the air. Throughout this entire time,
your feet (ankles) are just *Laying* on the water, and you have NOT
excerted any pressure on them. As the boat speed builds, the pull from
the line (especially when on the boom) will transfer that weight onto
your feet. You should never conciously shift the weight off your chest
and onto the feet. Still pushing your chest down onto the water and
raising your butt into the air by arching your back (chest out, butt
out) you can now start bringing your legs together and bending the
knees. I've found that some people find it much easier to bend at the
knees first, and then start to squeeze the legs together. Either way,
the action of bringing your legs together will lift your chest off the
water. Take your time in doing this, and try not to force it. If you
are muscling it, then your technique is not correct.  Practice on
dryland with another. Lay face down on the ground/floor and assume the
position of just laying your feet on the water. With your legs spread,
use your hands to push your butt into the air, while keeping the chest
dragging on the carpet. (Btw...this is a very un-natural position, and
seems extremely awkward on land) Have your buddy push down with his
hand in the small of your back to ensure that your chest is truly
sticking out, therefore enabling your butt to rise up off the floor. As
you do, you can walk your feet in and with a kneebend, you'll be up and
footing away.

Make sure to keep your head (eyes) up the *entire* time, especially
once you are in a good 3-point position. (feet and chest/chin) If your
head is up and you are seeing the horizon behind you, you will rise
right up into a good stance.

Good luck, and feel free to keep asking questions!
Bare. :)