Air Chair

Air Chair

Subject:  Air Chair

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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1993 14:58:55 GMT
Summary: the air chair

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ark Crafts) writes:
> Hey - speaking of air-chairs..
> has anyone tried one of those (expensive!) sit-down chair/ski thingys?

IMHO, the Air Chair is the best (most fun) water toy around.  Note that I
am relatively new to it (1st time last May).  The first time, I got up on
the hydrofoil, I thought, "Where's my wallet?"

My friends and I are very avid watersport enthusiasts (mostly at Lake Powell).
We use every water toy available including parasailing, skurfing, bare foot,
personal water craft, skiing, wave cutters, and of course, tubes (:-)).  We
just bought one those expensive air chairs.  What a great device!!

There are a few drawbacks though.

        1) Some people have a hard time getting up on it.  I'm not sure why
yet.  These people are very good at other devices too.  Everyone who skis
succeeded during our last trip, but for some, it is quite difficult.  For
me the skurfer was the hardest device to get up on.

        2) When you're done "air chairing", and you're swimming the thing to
the boat, you almost always kick the hydrofoil (ouch!!).  When we noticed
this to be universally true, and started warning people, we had no more

        3) It's difficult to master the, "raise arms to go down, lower arms
to go up" technique as this is the opposite of most peoples' reflexes.  After
a while, and many face plants, you learn (Pavlov's dog?).

        4) When you make the thing jump, it is difficult to bring back under
control.  I. e. you do a pogo stick routine.

        5) Normally, you don't get hurt too much.  One time, I told the
boat driver to pick up the speed so I could get more air.  A serious face
plant really hurts!

All in all the air chair is great, and doesn't tire you out much at all.
Steering with your butt is a new experience, and the device is remarkably
stable while you on the hydrofoil.  After a long stretch, the lower back
feels a little tired.
                Happy air chairing,
                        Bob Reeder