Stripped Binding Screw Repairs

Stripped Binding Screw Repairs

If anybody has ever stripped a screw in the top of their ski they know it is a royal pain in the ass. I've had ski's that looked like swiss cheese they had so many holes in them..... I have a solution and it's easy as peein' in your wetsuit.

Take a peice of 1\8" lead solder and slide it in the stripped hole. Make sure it's lead solder. Cut the solder off as close to the top of the ski as ya can. Then take a hammer and TAP the solder flat so none sticks up past the top of the ski. Don't go beatin the top of your ski with a hammer... you just have to tap the solder flat.

Next..... just screw the binding down as usual. If it doesn't take, use another piece of solder and do it all over again. It works like a champ. IF you ever need to take the screw out, they unscrew just like unscrewin a screw.

I've also used the solder trick to fix stripped screws in the floor of the MasterCraft. You may have to use 2 or 3 pieces of solder to fill big holes but the screws will seat as tight as you can turn the screw.....

Try it.... it works....