Show skiing pyramid building

Show skiing pyramid building

Subject:  Pyramid Building

>>Hello, Anyone out there know where I can purchase
>>ropes made specifically for 3-man and 5man pyramids?
>>I'am in charge of a ski show on a private lake just
>>south of Binghamton NY, and we have kids that are climbing
>>like monkeys into pyramids.  The biggest problem is rope
>>length (and horsepower).  So I becken the call of waterskiiers
>>everywhere for this information.
>>Reply to this newsgroup.  Thanks.
>>- Johnny P. -

As a new member of the Oxbow Water Ski Show Team, I printed your query about
pyramid building and brought it down to the attention of our event captains
that are in charge of pyramid building.

A pyramid rope is approximately 90' long for your bases, then add 18" to the
boat end of the rope for each tier after that.  So in your 3 man pyramid your
base ropes will be 90' long and and the person on top rope length will be
91'6" long, as you can start to see the pattern is as follows........
base 90', 2nd tier 91'6", 3rd tier 93', etc..  In regards to purchase ropes
it can get very expensive very fast, so what our team does is buy the rope
in bulk and make our own ropes,  we also keep them stored as a set, each coiled
as well as labeled to which rope belongs where in the pyramid, base, 2nd tier,
etc.  The rope that we use is 16 strand no stretch 1/4" show ski rope and we
have found that Water Sports Warehouse, Inc. has had good pricing on this,
there phone number is 413-527-5808.

In regards to boat horsepower we find that approximately 220 hp. will suffice.
This was number we came up with based upon our weakest boat that has pulled a
pyramid.  I would also like to mention that most of our boats we use are
inboard competition ski boats, so depending upon total weight of the skiers
less hp will boat speed of 22 to 24 mph for adults.  If your using kids under
120lbs you can lower your boat speed.

Another thing you may want to try is to do shoulders starts were your bases do
sitting dock starts with the climbers on the shoulders of your bases.  This
will increase success of building the pyramid and not having to worry about
your climbers having to kick off ski's and start climbing.  If you would like
talk with the team about pyramid building, you can come see us compete at the
Eastern Regional Show Ski Tournament in Scotia NY on July 22,23,24.  There will
also be vendors there selling all sorts of various water ski equipment as well
as other water ski show teams.  If you would like directions or more detailed
information about the Tournament you can call Craig @518-399-7951.  The
Oxbow Water Ski Show team is also willing to arrange clinics to help teach
various show ski events such as pyramid building..  Good Luck in your building
of your pyramids,  keep me informed on how it goes.

Paul "Koko" Kokoszyna
Oxbow Water Ski Show Team