Slalom course dimensions

Slalom course dimensions

Slalom Course Dimensions

From: (Terry Jones)
Subject: Re: Need info.

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Lucas J. Introne  wrote:
>Can anyone give me the exact specifications of a slalom course.  I'm doing a

Course is 259 meters long, Distance from entrance gates to ball 1 boat gates
is 27m. Boat gate to boat gate distance is 41m. Ball 6 boat gate to exit gates
is also 27m. Widths are all measured from the centerline. 1.25m to entrance
ball, 1.15m to boat ball, 11.5m to skier ball. Tolerances are 1% except
entrance gates which are 5% and overall length which is 1/4% and entrance to
boat gate and boat gate to boat gate which is 1/2%