Slalom Fin Adjustments

Slalom Fin Adjustments

From Mon Jun 26 19:43:33 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: Slalom Ski Fin

First of all decide the change in you skis performance that you want.  

If your having a problem on both sides of your turns such as ski tip
too high or breaking at the waist, it is binding placement.  Move
bindings back if you are breaking on both sides.  Move bindings forward
if your ski tip is very high on both sides.  The front of the fin
controlls the front of the waterski.  The back of the fin controlls the
rear of the ski.

If your ski digs on your off side turn at the finish of the turn, you
need to reduce the tip or leading edge of the front of the fin by 1/32
of an inch to start.  If this helps you can continue taking tip out.

If the ski will not initiate the turn on your off side you have gone
too far.  Run as much tip as you can without breaking at the waist on
your off side turn.

If the ski is having trouble finishing the turn, you can take tail
depth away by1/32 of an inch.  This will let the ski come around much

If your ski is over turning or your style is to rush the end or finish
of the turn, add 1/32 to the depth of the turn.

If you have slack in your line on your onside turn, move the fin
forward and you will tighten the rope by making the radius of the turn

If you are falling over on your onside turn, or getting dumped many
times, add total depth both tip and tail equally on your fin.  This
gives support and does not change tip and tail settings.  Allways start
on your off side.  Once it is dialed go to your on side if it needs

Develop a relationship with a pro shop and take a video tape in
or go the the lake with a trained tech.  Most of my students need
fundamental instruction rather than fin adjustment.  The fin adjustment
comes after this basic work is completed.  EMAIL me and I will gladly
assist you.  

Happy skiing.

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