From Thu Oct 12 07:53:48 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: Portable Slalom Courses

My ski partner and I own an Insta Slalom. Installation in 15 minutes is
unrealistic, but we do it in 30 minutes with two of us and 20 with
three (each way). We've had ours for 3 years and its been great. Its
been very portable, it fits easy in our 19' Nautique. Water depth - too
shallow has been a problem cause the poles tend to sit on the bottom a
screw up your accuracy. I imagine that too deep could be a problem, but
we've never had one. A few tips for setting up quickly:

1. Keep everything neat and organized and in the same place so you always
know where its at. Nothing worse than looking for a pole or clip when
everythings in a big pile. Very important when putting away - take a few
minutes to do it right or you'll be sorry next time.

2. We each specialized on certain tasks. One person drives and assembles
two outside sections and attaches balls. The other attaches center section
to rope and outside section, keeps rope taught (very important) and
balls/leaders free and clear. If we have a third, they drive.

3. We time ourselves. This helps us realize where we gain and lose time.
Sounds anal, but it does help.

4. Keep rope taught. Don't pull and release and cause recoil.

Good Luck