From Tue Mar 19 06:53:09 EST 1996
Subject: Help With Slack

I have been sking for many years, but it wasn't till recently that 
I have began to really ski hard.  Each year I found myself getting 
better, but the past two years I have been catching a lot of slack 
in the rope durring my turns.  I ski on an HO SVT ski with New 98 
bindings.  I have a Crestliner boat and I ski at about 36mph.  If 
anybody has any hints for me I would like you to share.  I will 
take all the help I can get.

Slacker Needs Help,

Smitty, from MN

From Tue Mar 19 06:53:50 EST 1996
Subject: Re: Help With Slack

You get slack when you are traveling faster than the boat.  This is 
caused by continuing to ski after the pull across the wake with the ski 
not on edge.  In other words if the ski does not make an edge change 
after you cross the wake it will have little resistance and you will not 
slow down and you will continue to "catch the boat."  It is very 
important after the wake cross to not hesitate to roll the ski onto the 
opposite edge and let it do its work all by itself in the preturn 
deceleration phase before the turn.  The rope should stay taught as you 
slow down and enter the turn past an imaginary line parallel to the boat. 
 Keep your chest tight, your knees and ankles slightly bent and your 
weight centered over the ski and the ski will literally ski the turn all 
by itself and you will be ready for the next pull across the wake with a 
tight line.  If you have a CDROM you might consider getting "Interactive 
Guide to Waterskiing".  I have it and it is very good for helping to 
learn to ski good basic slalom technique with easy to understand 
illustraitions and video clips.  Hope this helps.  Greg C.