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In Memoriam: Galina Kruberg
In Memoriam: George Bisztray


July 2015

Prof. Dragana Obradovic has written a profile on Serbian graphic novelist Nina Bunjevac for the online journal "Balkanist."
Available here.

Prof. Ann Komaromi has published a new book, Uncensored: Samizdat Novels and the Quest for Autonomy in Soviet Dissidence.
More info.


June 2015

Congratulations to Lukasz Wodzynski for defending his doctoral thesis. The Department of Slavic Languages wishes Lukasz all the best in his academic career.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled "Les Juifs dans la littérature russe." at Dorvador synagoge in Paris, France on June 20.
More info.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled The Errant Compass Rose of (Russian) Modernist Studies: When Does a Text Become “Modernist”? at Università di Pisa on June 4.
More info.


May 2015

Prof. Kate Holland published a chapter, " The Russian Rougon Macquart: degeneration and biological determinism in The Golovlev Family" in the following volume, Russian Writers and the Fin de Siècle; The Twilight of Realism, Cambridge University Press.
More info.

Prof. Leonid Livak published an article, "Russian Modernism and the Novel", in the volume "A History of the Modernist Novel", published by Cambridge University Press.
More info.

Prof. George Mihaychuk delivered the Annual Danylo Husar Struk Memorial Lecture on Friday, May 22, 2015. The lecture is sponsored by the Danylo Husar Struk Programme in Ukrainian Literature of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. The director of the Programme is Prof. Maxim Tarnawsky. Pictures, an audio recording, and a video excerpt of the lecture are available on line at the programme's website.

Dr. Olga Bakich, former professor in our department, has published a new book with the University of Toronto Press, Valerii Pereleshin: The Life of a Silkworm is available from University of Toronto Press.
For more information, please click here to read more about the book and for ordering information.

Prof. Christina Kramer has published an excerpt from the award-winning Macedonian novel A Spare Life by Lidija Dimkovska, in the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 edition of The Chicago Review.
More info.

Five Finnish Studies students have been granted a scholarship to attend 3-week CIMO Finnish language and culture summer courses in Finland this summer. CIMO is the Center for International Mobility under the Finnish Ministry of Education. More information about the summer courses can be found here.

Finnish language and culture, Ccourse I, in Turku: Marko Smiljanic, Ishara Murray and Mang Sun Ho

Finnish language and culture, Course III, in Oulu:Emmett Snyder and Barbara Kolodziej


April 2015

Global Yiddish Culture 1938-1948 The 8th Annual Symposium in Germanic Studies was held from April 19- 21.
See poster for details.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled "Penser autrement l'histoire culturelle russe dans l'entredeux-guerres: l'Europe des années Trente et la phase perdue du modernisme russe" at Università degli Studi di Firenze on April 16.

The University of Toronto Press has published Prof. Maxim Tarnawsky's monograph on Ivan Nechui-Levyts'kyi, "The All Encompassing Eye of Ukraine: Ivan Nechui-Levyts'kyi's Realist Prose". The volume is available from the publisher and from Amazon.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled "Ecrire l'histoire du modernisme russe après Staline" at Université de Paris-Sorbonne on April 11.


March 2015

Prof. Dragana Obradovic presented a paper "An Artists' Colony in a Death Camp: The Case of Belgrade's Old Fairgroud" as part of the seminar Transgenerational Dynamics and the Human Geography of Post-Communist Space at the annual - meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association at the end of March.

Prof. Kate Holland presented a paper "The Novel in the Longue Durée: Veselovsky and Bakhtin’s Competing Origin Stories" on the seminar, Nineteenth Century Literary History and Historiography, at the annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association in Seattle at the end of March.

Prof. Justyna Zych gave a talk entitled "Reception of Psychoanalysis in France and in Poland and the Influence of Freud's Theory on French and Polish Literary Criticism in the First Decades of the 20th Century" at the Slavic Dept.

A book launch for the latest volume of Prof. Leonid Livak's book on Russian avant-garde in Paris was held on March 26th in San Francisco.
View poster.

Prof. Christina Kramer gave a talk entitled "Language Policy and Linguistic Landscape in Macedonia" at the Helsinki Area and Language Studies Workshop, "Language Ecologies: The Balkans and Beyond."

An excerpt of Prof. Christina Kramer's translation of the novel Pyramid of Water by Luan Starova now appaers in Two Lines On-line.
More info.

Prof. Veronika Ambros gave a talk about Jaroslav Hašek's novel Good Soldier Schweik and director Erwin Piscator's 1928 theater production in Berlin at the Art and Culture in Central Europe symposium on Mar. 25.
More info.

On March 19, Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled "Existe-t-il une littérature de l'exil?" at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris
More info.

Prof. Joseph Schallert was the Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecturer in South Slavic Linguistics. On Mar. 6, he gave his lecture, "Observations on the Lexicon of the Earliest Macedonian Vernacular Gospels (Konikovo and Kulakia Gospels) at The Ohio State University


February 2015

On Feb. 25, Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled, "Literaturnyi avangard russkogo Parizha" at the Université de Genève.
More info.

On Feb. 24, the Polish Students Association in collaboration with the Polish Language and Literature Program at UofT organized a screening of the famous Polish comedy Poszukiwany, poszukiwana.

On Feb. 19, Prof. Leonid Livak gave talk enetitled, "Le concept de révolution est-il pertinent pour penser les avant-gardes européennes?" at Université de Paris-Sorbonne
More info.

On Feb. 12, students of the Polish Language and Literature Program attended the play Margarete by Janek Turkowski at the Theatre Centre. It was presented by Polish Theatre Kana, which came to Toronto to participate in the Progress Festival.

Prof. Tamara Trojanowska gave a lecture enetitled “Witkacy Performer” at the Witkacy’s “Great Nonsense” Exhibition and Talk on Feb. 9th at the Theatre Centre.
Event Webpage.

Prof. Veronika Ambros participated in the conference Prager Figurationen jüdischer Moderne Workshop im Rahmen des Forschungsverbundes "Prag als Knotenpunkt europäischer Moderne(n)". Her talk was on: Etwas aus vielen Stoffen gezaubert Golem als Prager Figuration jüdischer Moderne from Feb. 5-8 at Universität Tübingen.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave an interview on Radio Svoboda about his recently published book.
Listen to the interview.

On Monday, Feb. 9th, at the Theatre Centre (1115 Queen Street West), Witkacy’s “Great Nonsense” will open. The opening of the exhibition will be followed by Prof. Tamara Trojanowska’s lecture “Witkacy Performer”. 
Event Webpage.


January 2015

On Jan. 27 at the Institut d'Études Avancées de Paris Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled «La dislocation culturelle et linguistique dans l’activité créatrice d’auteurs européens modernes : Sophia Petit, Ludmila Savitzky, Zinaida Vengerova».

On Jan. 20, the Polish Program organized a special event of Polish trivia for all the students attending Polish language courses at UofT.

Prof. Leonid Livak gave a talk entitled «Boris Zaitsev et l'activité francophone de l'émigration russe en France» at Les Éditeurs réunies, Paris on January 19.

Prof. Kate Holland presented a paper entitled "Reversion or Recuperation? Atavism and Regression in Saltykov-Shchedrin and Dostoevsky" at the Annual Meeting of the Modern Languages Association in Vancouver on January 9.

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