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Association of Slavic Graduate Students (ASGS)

ASGS statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The ASGS unequivocally condemns Russia’s aggressive and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine. We recognize Ukraine as an independent sovereign state with rights to self-determination and self-governance and consider Vladimir Putin’s attack an attempt to destroy its people and culture. We stand with the countries, peoples, and communities, including those in Russia, who oppose this war and support Ukraine.

Resources :
H-Ukraine—academic forum, part of the larger H-Net platform, which promotes scholarly and intellectual content related to Ukrainian studies

Dr. Olga Onuch, University of Manchester
Live updates about and links to information on situation in Ukraine

Organizations and charities to consider supporting:

Live map of military engagement:

Our thanks to Professor Vassili Schedrin of Queen’s University, Kingston, and the Russian and Eastern European Studies Network (REES) at Queen’s University, for informing our statement and resources list.



The Association of Slavic Graduate Students (ASGS) is a democratically-run non-profit organization that represents all graduate students in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. It operates under the umbrella of The University of Toronto’s Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) and links between the Union and the students of the department. It deals with graduate student matters and concerns across the department and serves as a liaison between the graduate student body and faculty.

The membership of the ASGS shall include all graduate students of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures enrolled.

The goals of the ASGS are:

·           to represent, support, and advocate for graduate students,

·           to help incoming students become familiar with the activities in the department,

·           to secure and be responsible for the funding available to ASGS and budgeting,

·           to suggest ways of improving Graduate program offered by the department,

·           to voice student opinions in various committees,

·           to promote and be responsible for social and academic graduate activities. 



The Executive Committee:


The President of the association: Braxton Boyer (email:

The duties of the President are:

1. The ASGS President is an elected position. The President is responsible for overseeing the activities of the ASGS and ensuring that all members are following the proscribed guidelines in this constitution.

2. To be in touch with the Graduate Student Union of the University of Toronto and to appoint a representative for the meetings of the UTGSU .

2. The President normally serves as chair of ASGS Executive and General meetings. The chair arranges the date, time and location of the ASGS monthly meetings and advises the secretary of this at least one week in advance. The chair prepares the agenda and chairs the monthly ASGS General Meeting. This individual also acts a liaison between the ASGS and faculty, ensures that all positions are filled and that duties are being carried out.

3. To appoint other students to the Executive Committee as is necessary (i.e. if a post remains vacant and must be filled).

5. To maintain the records and documentation of the ASGS and to transfer it from to the next elected President.


The Vice-President: Sooyeon Lee (email:

The duties of the Vice-President are:

1. To be of assistance to the president.

2.  To fulfill the President’s duties when not available (e.g., serving as chair for meeting). 

3. It will be the VP responsibility to ensure that representatives attend their respective committee meetings or make accommodations in the case of absence (i.e., find another student to fill in, or personally fill in that role).

4. To ensure that new graduate students are aware of the ASGS and its mission, and encourage grad students to participate in the ASGS.


The Treasurer: Theodore Jefferies (email:

The duties of the Treasurer are:

1. To be responsible for coordinating any ASGS activity that involves the collection or disbursement of funds.

2. To draft applications and securing funding for the ASGS in consultations with the members of the Executive Committee.

3. Along with the President, the Vice-President has authority to approve disbursement of funds.

4. To document and report any movement of funds.

5. To be responsible for reporting the ASGS bank balance at each ASGS Meeting.

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