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Ann Komaromi

Ann Komaromi

Associate Professor
Centre for Comparative Literature
University of Toronto

Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street West
Toronto ON M5S 1K9, Canada

office: Northrop Frye 234

tel: 416.585-4425, fax 416.813.4040

Research Interests:

Komaromi’s research interests include Soviet dissident groups, alternative publishing, and unofficial literature and art. Her book  Uncensored (2015, winner of the 2016 AATSEEL Prize for Best book in Literary/Cultural Studies) explored dissident subjectivity. Most recently, she edited and introduced Yuli Kosharovsky's We Are Jews Again (2017). Komaromi has done extensive research on alternative publishing in the USSR, producing a database of samizdat periodicals and an electronic archive for dissidence and samizdat. Current projects include a book on the Jewish movement in the USSR, and a comparison of French and Russian neo-avant-garde journals.

Selected Publications:

We Are Jews Again. Jewish Activism in the Soviet Union, by Yuli Kosharovsky, edited by Ann Komaromi, Syracuse University Press, 2017.

Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat , an electronic archive at the University of Toronto Libraries (launched 2015).

Uncensored: Samizdat Novels and the Quest for Autonomy in Soviet Dissidence , Northwestern University Press, 2015.


Ph. D., The University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2001
M. A., The University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1997
B. A., Northwestern University, 1994

Current Projects:

She is completing a book on Samizdat journals with Gennady Kuzovkin of the Memorial Society, Moscow. She is also working on a project to describe unofficial Jewish life in Leningrad in the 1980s.

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