Specifications and Installation University of Toronto Standard Teaching Station
Files for use in planning new classroom builds and existing classroom renovations
Files for Univesity, architect and contractor use

These are 'standard spec guidelines' - official specs are per project, per campus

Data Sheet PDF Specs, Dimensions, conduit requirements

PLANS PDF showing new widescreen V15 touchscreen   Updated MAR 2012

Location in Room PDF Location of Teaching Station relative to walls, doors, etc   Updated MAR 2012

Sample Rooms PDF Sample locations installed in the 2011 UTSC instructional centre

Conduit Feed PDF Typical conduit feed - MODIFY PER PROJECT

Conduit Location PDF Conduit feed to underside of TS   Updated MAR 2012

Sample Conduit Plan PDF Sample engineer's conduit plan   Updated MAR 2012

PLANS DWG AutoCAD file with plans, blocks etc   Updated MAR 2012

The design of the Teaching Station is overseen by Academic and Campus Events, St. George Campus.