bANDwOfProkudinGorskyThe black-and-white version of the color photograph, from Prokudin-Gorsky's album.
color_lntColor lithographic print of Tolstoy made from Prokudin-Gorsky's photograph.
lntinKabinetTolstoy in his study. Presumably printed from a now lost glass plate negative.
kabinetTolstogoTolstoy's study.
SATSofiya Andreevna on the grounds of Yasnaya Polyana.
detiVyasnoiPolyanePeasant children from Yasnaya Polyana.
P-KyasnayaPolyanaView of the estate's main buildings.
vidNaDerevniuView of the peasant village.
village View of the grounds.
00160vThe pond. A digitally scanned image from the glass-slide original.
y-pWithPeopleMy colorized version of the glass-slide original.
00159vAnother view of the pond from one of the two extant glass slides.
y-pWithoutPeopleMy colorized version of the glass-slide original.