Aboriginal Students

Elder in Residence at First Nations House provides counselling, teachings and performs ceremonies
Elder in Residence

Aboriginal Students at the University of Toronto, regardless of their program of study, can meet with the Elder in Residence at First Nations House. Grafton Antone (Info below) provides counselling, traditional teachings, and performs ceremonies throughout the year at the University. If you are having difficulties, or need to speak with an elder, call and make an appointment.

First Nations House also has visiting Elders throughout the year, for a variety of events.

Grafton Antone
Grafton Antone (Oneida) was born and raised in Oneida of the Thames First Nations, is of the Wolf Clan and speaks his language fluently. Grafton has lived his life maintaining his traditions and enjoys sharing the stories that have been handed down to him as a way of teaching others. He is currently the Elder-in-residence at First Nations House, University of Toronto.

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