Aboriginal Students

Aboriginal Law Students' Association's goals, activities and opportunities
Aboriginal Law Students' Association


The Aboriginal Law Students' Association (ALSA) seeks to:

1. Provide a social and support network for Aboriginal Students at the Faculty of Law;

2. Create professional networks and provide opportunities for Aboriginal students and other students interested in practicing in the area of Aboriginal Law;

3. Advocate for the inclusion of Indigenous laws in the curriculum, programming and in resources at the Bora Laskin Library at the Faculty of Law; and

4. Raise awareness on Aboriginal legal issues among students at the Faculty of Law and in the broader legal community.

Yearly activities and opportunities include:

ALSA also works closely with the Indigenous Law Journal at the Faculty of Law and is a point of contact for the larger Aboriginal community and services provided in Toronto.

Contact info:

For more information about the ALSA, or about student life and activities as an Aboriginal law student in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto, please contact third year student Danielle Mercredi (danielle.mercredi@utoronto.ca).

For information about applying to the Faculty of Law as an Aboriginal student, please contact Jiffin Arboldela (jiffin.arboleda@utoronto.ca) in the Admissions Office.