Descriptions of courses to be taken as part of the Programme. Use the menu on the left to navigate through courses.

Using the menu on the left, you may view a description of the courses students accepted into the programme take during their year in TYP.

Some of the courses are offered within the university itself, and include other Undergraduate Students. Students will receive credit for these courses toward his/her degree at the University of Toronto once they complete the TYP year.

In addition to TYP courses, students you will choose one of three full-year course options offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. These will also provide students with one credit toward his/her degree once the program is completed. These are listed under the Faculty of Arts and Science Courses page.

Summer credits are optional half courses, and are available after students complete the TYP program. They will count toward a degree - but students must get permission from his/her advisor before taking the course. Summer courses are typically harder than other courses because the summer term is shorter, even though the same amount of material is covered when they are offered throughout the September - April school year.

Note: For All courses that have an H designation, such as TYP006H1S; these are half-year credit courses, and are typically completed in half the year. The H is followed by an F or a S. These stand for Fall or Spring.

All courses that have a Y designation, such as ABS201Y1Y, are full year courses. They typically start in September and end in June. They are also followed by a letter, but in most cases this will be Y (meaning that they are offered throughout the full year.)