Are you lacking the formal qualifications for admission into University?

The need of applicants – which includes (but is not limited to) considerations of race, class origins, parental status, community of origin and community of residence – is the first consideration in the selection of new TYP students. The TYP admissions committee uses no fixed standard for admission. Instead, it considers each application individually in order to assess the need of candidates.

Considerations for each applicant include:
Minimum Application Requirements*

* Candidates who have completed at least three Grade 11 courses in academic subjects or higher level in academic subjects (in the current Ontario system there would be 3U or M or 4U or M subjects) or the equivalent in another school system OR who can satisfy the Admissions committee that they have achieved equivalent academic skills by some other means will be considered to meet the minimum academic skills required for the programme. Those lacking this skill may be referred to an appropriate academic upgrading program. TYP reserves the right to hold a place for future admission for those who successfully complete the recommended courses or programs.

Please note that meeting the minimum academic requirement DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION. The admissions committee may also refer an applicant to a similar program within the university or elsewhere, should they feel it may better meet the applicant's academic skills or need.