About the Steps to University Program
Steps to University Program

The Steps to University Program is offered in collaboration with the TDSB (Toronto District School Board), the LAWS (Law in Action Within Schools) program of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Pathways to Education at Regent Park Community Health Centre. It is aimed at making university studies more accessible to students who have the potential to excel but have been marginalized due to socio-economic status, race or ethnicity, family history or various other factors.

The University of Toronto in association with the TDSB, and with its predecessor, the Toronto Board of Education, has been offering the program since 1992. The program has generous financial support from theTDSB. The program offers sections of undergraduate university courses (Drama 100Y at Lakeshore CI, Philosophy 271H1 at Central Technical CI and Sociology 102H at other 11 remaining participating locations) to secondary school students who come from communities and socioeconomic groups historically underrepresented in university.

The program has four goals

While the University of Toronto admits Steps to University on the same basis as all other applicants, it does encourage these students to include it in their university application. Many Steps to University students choose to apply to or accept offers from other universities because of program preferences.

Successful completion of the courses offered through Steps to University provides credit applicable to the Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Toronto. The credit is often also transferrable to other post-secondary institutions and the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto, if they later enroll there. Students take the course in their high school but have access to on-campus libraries and student facilities. Those admitted to the program register as part-time students in the Transitional Year Programme and take the university course available in their high school.

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