Requirements – Supporting documentation must be submitted along with your application

The TYP asks all applicants to ensure that completed TYP Application Form and all supporting documents list below reach our office on or before Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Applications arriving after that date may not be considered.

1. References

All applicants must provide at least two (2) references in support of their application. You, the applicant, must not see or read the references. Please use the reference forms that are included in your application package. The names of the individuals writing these references should be listed on page 2 of the application. You must ensure that the individuals writing your references place their completed reference letter in a sealed envelope and then mail them directly to TYP.

Normally applicants must provide at least one academic and one personal reference. However, if an applicant left school over three years ago, a second personal reference may be submitted instead of an academic reference.


2. Transcripts

All applicants must submit OFFICIAL transcript(s) from their HIGH-SCHOOL AND all POST-SECONDARY educational institutions.

An official transcript is an original document detailing all work done during your secondary and post-secondary program at an accredited educational institution. The official transcript must:

Non-official transcripts received as part of an application may not be considered. This may affect your chances of being considered for the TYP. Special arrangements can be made if transcripts from outside Ontario cannot be accessed due to local conditions.

3. Personal Statement

Please submit a personal statement along with the completed application form. The statement must be typewritten and saved in TXT, DOC, DOCX or PDF format.

Your statement must provide relevant information about educational, social, financial and personal difficulties which you may have encountered during your life and which may have acted as barriers to your qualifying for entry to university in the usual way. Your statement should also outline how you have overcome such barriers, what your current life situation is like and how you are prepared to take on full time university studies.

TYP actively encourages applicants from members of African Canadian/Black communities, from Aboriginal communities, from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered or Queer communities, from sole support parents, and people from working class families of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, there is the possibility of a part-time extended program for students with documented disabilities. Please indicate if, and how, you belong to any of these groups.

It will be useful to consider the following questions while writing your personal statement. Answering these questions can help the Admission Committee to better assess your application to the Porgramme.

4. Proof of Status

Applicants who are non-citizen Permanent Residents of Canada or Convention Refugees should submit proof of status with this application. No-one who is a non-citizen Permanent Residents of Canada or Convention Refugee can subsequently register in the program without documentary evidence from the Canadian government of her or his status.


Once you have submitted all application materials, you will be asked to come to TYP to provide a supervised writing sample. You will have to write a short piece on a topic we propose in a limited time. No special preparation is necessary. Dates for sample writing will include the following: March 31st, April 6, April 12, April 20, April 26, and May 1st 2018. Please call to register for the written sample. (416) 978-6832



TYP reserves the right to reject, without consideration, any application incompletely or incorrectly completed. Please be sure that all required information is provided.


Application forms, references, transcripts, personal statements and all other correspondence pertaining to admission should be sent to:

Transitional Year Programme
University of Toronto
123 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2E8


Please write to the above address, call (416) 978-6832, or email


The TYP invites all applicants to include any additional information which they believe could strengthen their application.


If you decide to apply to the program, you must consider financial assistance early on in the process. Please visit the Financial Assistance page for complete details.


Any and all items submitted to TYP (and by extension, the University of Toronto) are considered the property of the University of Toronto. Your application will not be returned to you under any circumstances and TYP will not forward or transfer any aspect of your application to any other University of Toronto office or to anyone or anywhere outside of the University of Toronto. In other words, your application is non-returnable and non-transferable. It is assumed that the applicant understands and abides by this agreement if she/he chooses to submit an application to TYP.


All information contained in your application will remain confidential. It will be seen by the Programme Administrator and the members of the TYP Admissions Committee only. If you are accepted into TYP, the Registrar will have access to the material for the purpose of academic advising and student communications. Any personal information provided in your application will be held in strict confidence in accordance to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act). Beginning June 10, 2006 Ontario universities, including the University of Toronto, are covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act), which supports access to University records and protection of privacy.